I’m afraid to finish my shawl…

I’m literally like 75% done with the last row of the edging on my purple shawl. I got that far, and then I just stopped. It’s been in my WIP basket for about a week now because…well, I don’t really know. It took me a long-ass time to get this long, so why have I been putting off actually finishing the damn thing?

And I’m not really sure of the answer. I mean, finishing a WIP makes me feel better because it’s done. And my fiance will feel better that I’m “actually using” my yarn. And I’ll have a finished product that I can hopefully actually wear.

Have you ever done this? Put off finishing a project for reasons you can’t understand?

(I’m not sharing pictures because of how close to done it is. I’m making myself work on it RIGHT NOW and hopefully this afternoon I’ll have a finished product to show you! Feel free to guilt me if I don’t, because I have plenty of time. So if I don’t make a post, that means I talked myself out of finishing it again!)


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