I finished a skirt!

Let me just say that there won’t be pictures of it on me for sad reasons. I don’t have a full-length mirror in my apartment. I tried taking pictures in the bathroom mirror with odd strategies like standing on the toilet, but it just doesn’t work. And I attempted to just take a picture of it on me without a mirror, but that just leads to weird pictures that look like I’m saying “look at my crotch and/or knees!”, so…not happening. 

But this will be good enough for now: 


This is the finished product. The colors aren’t as different as they appear in this picture. It makes it seem like the bottom is way darker than the rest, and that’s a lie.

Yeah, it looks sort of funny-shaped. The top will have elastic once I can afford to head to a craft store, so it’ll fit better than it appears lying flat.

Is it perfect? Hell no.

Is it beautiful? Probably only to me.

But am I super freaking proud of it? I can’t even express the levels of “hell yeah” I feel.

I made a thing. A thing I can actually wear. Sure, it’s heavy and warm, so in my Texas town I’m probably not wearing it for a while. But someday I will. And for now, I’ll wear it around my apartment and ask my roommates if they noticed my new skirt. Constantly. Their annoyance is a small price to pay for how good I feel about this skirt right now.

That’s really all I had to say at the moment. My granny squares are coming together! I have 20 so far, and I love them. I still need to figure out a goal number at some point, so I know when to stop!

I think I’ll get back to work on those now, actually. Gotta use my days off wisely!

What project have you been extremely proud of? I think we all have that project (or 4) that we want to tell EVERYONE about, whether they want to hear it or not. So what’s yours?


4 thoughts on “I finished a skirt!

  1. Very nice!! I love that “look what I MADE” feeling 🙂
    I was super proud when I finished the sampler blanket I crocheted for my husband. I worked on it off and on for over 2 years FINALLY finishing it just before this past New Year! It has so many flaws but he seems to like it and it’s the largest project I’ve done so finishing it was like a big gold star for me!

    • I know how that feels. I have two projects in progress for my fiance…but I can’t help starting new ones!

      I can’t wait to finish a blanket someday. Great job accomplishing that!

      • The blankets you’re working on are beautiful!! I started with baby blankets (quick projects 🙂 ) and my first “large” blanket was a BIG Granny Square -in variegated yarn of course! Beyond scarves and hats I have yet to try clothing so that is on my to-do list.

      • Haha, I’m mostly just trying to use up scraps so I’m allowed to buy more yarn!

        I want to make baby blankets but they wouldn’t have any use. I don’t even have friends with babies to give them to 😦

        And clothing is my biggest goal. I want to make something I’ll actually be proud to wear!

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