My first granny square experience…

Hey all!

As I mentioned earlier, I have recently gotten into the world of blocking. Before, I figured it couldn’t be that important. And I tried to stay away from projects that explicitly required it, because I didn’t have the materials. But I was recently given an Amazon gift card from a family member, so I used that on a set of child “play mats”, the interlocking foam puzzle things I think we all had when we were little.

So now I can officially block. And what better use of my new technology than a granny square blanket?

I have no clue when it will be done. I haven’t looked into how many squares generally make up a blanket. Basically, I have put zero thought into this besides “I have blocking mats now” and “I have scrap yarn to use up”.

I mentioned my first color combination last night, and now I can show it off:



The picture ended up mysteriously sideways, but it doesn’t matter for granny squares! There’s no right side up! (Ok, my enthusiasm might be getting a bit too much, I’ll back it off a little…)

I don’t want to be annoying about this, but aren’t these colors pretty together? 3 of the squares are dry, the one is still pinned to the board which is why I took the picture on the board. Turns out my rainbow-ish yarn is probably cotton dishcloth yarn from my mother, one of the first few yarns I ever owned. It’s awesome, and I think it’ll work well in the end, but it does not dry very well. I think I’ll be glad when that one runs out.

I still don’t know what I’m doing, though. The dark purple is about to run out, and I think I’m just going to replace it with another yarn when that happens. So this blanket might be 90% pink by the end, because if I only switch colors as they run out, I’ll never run out of this pink. Or at least it feels that way.

What the hell, I’ll just do whatever I feel like and see what happens!

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “My first granny square experience…

    • It works pretty well! (Sorry it took me forever to reply, I’m still getting used to how to work this site for some reason). I heard rumors about it and wanted to try it myself. The only thing I’d say is that the ones like I got, for children to play with, are pretty thin. I saw some in my research that were the same idea but for exercise, which might be thicker? I don’t know. I’ve heard yoga mats are nice too.

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