Did you know?

Granny squares actually do not suck.

I have a lot of scrap yarn to work through.

I have never tried anything granny-square-based.

Well, 2+2=4, and I felt it was only right that I create a scrap granny square blanket. I feel that stash-busting is the only way I could do this. If I knew I had to make 58 squares (making up a number), and that 7 had to be purple in the middle, 8 with blue in the middle, blah blah blah…I’d drive myself crazy. I’d count down, get tired of it, give up, etc.

This way, I’m just using what I have to make squares. At some point, I’ll see how many squares I have, and see if that’s a nice number to create a blanket out of. Then I’ll have a glorious, stash-busting yarn vomit blanket.

My phone isn’t behaving to upload pictures right now, but I have 5 squares made! 4 are pinned on my “blocking board”, the first actual blocking I’ve ever done! This color scheme is pink, light purple, dark purple, and this weird rainbow yarn I found. They actually go pretty well together, kind of a hippie look. I just don’t know what to do when the yarn runs out. Do I keep the other 3 yarns going and keep making the squares? If so, I’ll have a LOT of pink in this blanket because it’s what I have tons of. Dark purple is about to go down, I think, it’ll probably only last another square or two.

But I’m overthinking this. I think.

What sort of color plan did you do for a granny square blanket? Or if it was stash-busting, how did you handle certain colors running out?



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