Time to be a real crocheter!

I have nothing important to share about my projects, really. I’m still working on that wonderful skirt, and I’m almost halfway through the final section of it. That’s totally awesome.

Oh, and yesterday I realized my future mother-in-law’s birthday is coming up (the day before mine), so I wanted to make her a frog amigurumi because that’s her favorite animal. My fiance said “there’s no way you can get it done in time to mail it”. I started it yesterday around 4, and today (just about 24 hours later) it has a stuffed head, a body done and ready to be stuffed once I find pebbles for weight, eyes, and two legs. Just the “arms” left, and putting it all together! Don’t challenge me when it comes to crochet 🙂

But anyway, the actually exciting news today is…I HAVE FOAM MATS! Every time a project needed blocking, I came up with weird solutions involving towels and my living room floor. Well, not anymore! I ordered a package of mats on Amazon and I have them in my room now! I don’t have the pins yet, but I also don’t have a project to block. So it works out.

Is this a normal experience? Was there something you finished or purchased that made you finally feel like you “deserved” to call yourself a crocheter? (Or whatever you call it)


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