This skirt is really taking shape and I love it more every day.

I still regret absolutely nothing about this striped Dragonfly skirt, which is weird for me. Usually by the time I get about halfway through a project, I convince myself that it was a dumb idea.

But thankfully, I love this one more and more each time I work on it. Which is saying a lot, considering that each part contains more and more stitches. You start off thinking “wow, this is pretty easy!” (I know I did) and by this last part you kind of resent it but then look at what you’ve made and just…wow.

What distracts me most is this yarn. I’ve never had that issue before, that I stop crocheting just because my yarn ball is so damn pretty. Just look at it!


I don’t mean to sound like I’m advertising this yarn or anything. I just really freaking love it right now.

Have you ever had a project like this? Where you want to tell EVERYONE about it, regardless of their interest in crochet?


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