The trouble with variegated yarn

My shawl is really taking shape! It’s now the size that it would be after 2 colors if I were doing it the way it’s supposed to be, but I still love my purple choice! Except for one problem…


Notice anything weird? Like how the right side has these nice, dark stripes, and the left…well, doesn’t?

A closer look at the right:


It looks so cool that I almost wish it was intentional.

While the left:


…has a chunk of medium purple with sort of a stripe in it, then one dark stripe, then a streak of light.

I was fully aware that sometimes with variegated yarns it’s not as “random” as you might want when it all comes together. It’s just the nature of the yarn. But really? This is happening over like 10 rows. Way too long to be unnoticed in the final product. I’m just crossing my fingers that it looks decent in the big picture, because I do not want to frog this now, over halfway in.


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