The Shawl…

I’m always cold. Like no matter what the temperature, I will most likely have one or more clothing layers more than everyone around me because I’m pathetic like that.

Especially when I’m dressed up, because women’s dress clothing is cold. Anyway, the point here…

I’m a bridesmaid in my high school best friend’s wedding this summer, and I’ll be wearing a gorgeous deep purple dress.

I need something to wear over it when I’m inevitably freezing my ass off, even though it’s June. 

Perfect excuse to crochet a shawl!

I looked for a few hours to find the perfect pattern, but could never find the right one. Then I remembered the shawl I made for my mom last Christmas (I put a picture up in one of my first posts, it’s a four-color shawl).

I realized when I looked that pattern up on my computer (it was a purchased Ravelry pattern) that the purple sock/fingering yarn I bought for this shawl was actually the weight that you’re supposed to use.

I made my mom a worsted-weight shawl when it was supposed to be fingering. This explains so much. That damn thing was huge. It was my proudest creation to date, and now I’m pretty ashamed.

Anyway, that pattern calls for four different colors, so you can go through different shades of blue or something. I just had 4 skeins of multicolored sock yarn, so let’s see how that looks instead of changing colors…



I actually love it. This is a little bit past where I’m supposed to start the second color, and I am not at all regretting making this a one-yarn shawl. There’s so much variation to it with just these purples.


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