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It was a horrible idea to make a circular stash-buster. I realize why almost no one does it. You have to keep track of what row you’re on, and go around and around and around and at the end it’s a circle, so it’s not even that comfy to cuddle up in.

I regret that decision, and frogged it shortly after the picture from that previous post was taken.

Now it’s a striped blanket:



I’m just carrying the color up the side of the row, and doing 2 double-crochet rows of each color so I end on the same side each time. I’ll do a border at the end with some other random color to hide the carried yarn, and just because I like borders. When the multicolored runs out (because it will be the first to fall), I’ll join in the next color, and alternate that with the blue until the blue runs out (or yarn 2 does…there’s seriously a lot of this blue shit).

I did a chain the length of my arm span, so this will be a seriously wide blanket. I like that, so my fiance and/or I can snuggle up underneath it to watch movies. Or we can put it on the bed. It won’t be super warm, but it’ll hopefully be soft and comfy.


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