The Stash Bust: Day 1

Someone (*cough* my fiance *cough*) is complaining that I have too much yarn. And I have to agree, only because I have nowhere to store my new yarn.

So I’m going to chip away at my stash with a giant stash-busting project…a blanket in the round. Don’t ask why it’s in the round, I just thought it might look cool. A giant circle is always cool.

I started with two randomly-chosen skeins from my stash, that happened to be similar weight:


The blue is a random yarn that my mother sent me. She has no idea where she got it, but she sent me three colors of what I think is the same sort of yarn, and this is the blue one. The multicolored is Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn”, I believe. I have no idea what the color is called.

I’m using a “D” hook (3.25 mm) just because these are lighter yarns and it felt like a good size to use. I’m purely double-crocheting in the round so that it looks nice but doesn’t take FOREVER.

And here’s the beginning:


I like how the colors are sort of working together but clashing enough that it looks cool. Also, the blue in the multi just happens to be the exact same shade of blue as the solid yarn…hmm. Might be a  clue as to the origin of my blue one.

I’ll keep updating with the progress of what will hopefully become a glorious yarn-vomit creation!


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