I made up a thing and it actually worked out!

I got a bunch of yarn money for my birthday at our party this weekend (joint party with myself and mother-in-law, ours are a day apart)! We decided that everything I got had to go towards my yarn business in some way, and I’m ok with that because I have that booth sale in less than a month.

So it was only right that today, on my actual birthday, I spent a decent chunk of it! And last night, too. Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and then Michaels to top it all off! I was looking for a hairpin lace thing, but couldn’t find one anywhere so I’ll have to order that online.

But anyway, one of the things I found yesterday was some Caron Simply Soft. It was the first “nicer” yarn I used after I realized there was SO much more than just RHSS. Haven’t used it all that much since, so I figured I’d give it a try. I found three colors I really liked–Cobalt Blue, Super Duper Yellow (I liked that name), and Green (aw, boring name). I loved the colors and also how they looked together!

Right away when I got them home, I wanted to make something with moss/granite stitch. I just love how that stitch looks with contrasting colors! I didn’t even bother to look up a pattern and just kinda started.

And it worked!

20150330_124747 20150330_124713 20150330_123714

It fits glasses (as shown), it holds my phone (but it’s the only camera I have so I couldn’t show that), and I’m sure it holds a ton of other stuff but I wanted to share it rather than running around the house testing 🙂

I can’t write patterns to save my life, but basically I just chained to the width I want (when folded in half), then did moss/granite stitch with 6 rows of color A (blue), 1 row of color B (yellow), 2 rows of color C (green), then 1 row of B again. And repeat until it’s the right height. I then folded it in half and slip-stitched down the long side and across the final short side to make an open tube thing!



I got a text today from my mother-in-law…her school (she’s a teacher) is doing an art bazaar fundraiser and she’s splitting the booth fee with me!

I’m doing my first actual booth sale and I am super excited!!!

I have to work today but this afternoon and all day tomorrow, I’m crocheting up a storm to build up an inventory! I have a month but I want to have plenty of time.

I can’t wait!


Since I finished that super awesome green sweater, I’ve had an order for two sweaters for a family friend!

I’m excited because she wants two gorgeous colors, royal blue and cherry red.

I’m making progress on the blue one, check it out:

20150304_102120 20150305_181308

It’s now a few rows past this, but the picture wouldn’t look all that different.

I love the change, though. When I was making the green sweater for myself, I couldn’t *stop* working on it. Now that this blue one is for someone else, it’s hard to focus on it! Why are our brains weird? Being paid for something suddenly makes it not as fun.

Other than that, there’s just frustrating shit going on in life. My husband is joining the police academy. I’m proud of him, and I’m going to stand beside him, but…I’m stressed about it.

I know you guys don’t really care, and I’m not even sure why I feel the need to tell you. I just wanted to get it off my chest, I guess. There’s some bright side to it, though! It means we can pay off our student loans. It means we can start trying for children in just a couple years. It means I can quit my crappy retail job that causes more stress in my life than anything else!

Alright, I’m gonna go to bed now. Time to just think and de-stress.

Business is booming!

After a slight decline in orders once the weather warmed up (no one wanted hats and scarves once it hit 70 degrees, big surprise), it’s back on again!

I posted designer BriAbby’s dragon hat on my selling Facebook page, asking if anybody wanted one because I really wanted to make one. And a woman said her 2 year old would love one!

So I created this beauty…I like showing off all my progress pics, so here it is all smushed into one post.

20150226_201625 20150227_122558 20150227_123618

The hat itself. Pretty simple hat with earflaps.

Then came the fun part…


Such a simple beginning. I was so naive!


There’s a full dragon! That took a crazy long time.

20150228_190704 20150228_204009 20150228_221824 20150228_223721

Then all the pieces. The final picture is every single piece piled up together. I wanted to rub it in my own face just how much busy work went into this damn thing.

20150301_163418 20150301_163423 20150301_163430

But it led to this beautiful creature! Excuse my odd display strategy, I don’t have a toddler-sized head to use, and it doesn’t look right unless it’s on some kind of round-ish shape. I really, really hope this fits the little guy. I might be meeting with the woman this evening, so I’m crossing my fingers because I want the money 🙂

In other awesome news, I made a sweater! It’s a Ravelry paid pattern called “My Favorite Crochet Pullover”. It was like 5 bucks and I did not regret a single cent. Look it up. Now.

Oh, and I used Vanna’s Choice in “Fern”. It was 4 balls for the main sweater and one ball of a darker green (can’t remember the name) for the edging.

20150219_084635 20150219_090257

This stage worried me because it was so bumpy…


But it flattened out!

20150219_195945 20150220_220858 20150221_144209

Look, it’s all sweater-y! Also, I love how much lighting affects the color. This is the same sweater in all three pictures, I swear.


Voila! I made a super cute sweater that I love so much. There’s no shaping in the torso/waist, I swear…it just really looks that way! Trust me, this pattern is amazing. GO BUY IT RIGHT NOW. I’M WATCHING YOU. This designer deserves all the money.

A woman saw my picture on Facebook and asked me to make her TWO sweaters! I just don’t have the cash yet to buy the yarn for them, so I’m making a bunch of little things to quickly sell for yarn money.

This is one:

20150302_093127 20150302_093134 20150302_093145

This makes me smile every time I see it. It’s a freaking shark hat. You have a shark on your head when you wear this thing. And it’s a free pattern! (Repeat Crafter Me is awesome.)

I’m working on my first African Flower project right now, but I’m tired of taking pictures right now. So I’ll be back with those pics later.

Thanks for reading all my rambling today. See you later on!

Does this make me a dork?

I have always wanted a tattoo with a spiral. Well, at least for the past 3-4 years of my life, which is long enough to know I’m serious about it. But I never felt the motivation to actually go get it done. Also I’m terrified of tattoos.

But a couple weeks ago, it came to my mind that I should get a yarn/crochet tattoo in some way. And my mother-in-law had the best idea–why not combine my two ideas?


Obviously this is just my quick scribble of my idea, but OMG I love it. I’ve since drawn it better, but that paper is like all the way across the house and this image is already saved on my computer, so…this is what you get.

It shows crochet, and my love of spirals, all in one! I’m thinking turquoise for the yarn, and the hook either purple or black with the metal part being silver like the real thing (my Clover Amour set). I don’t know if I want purple because then it’s the “G” hook, or black to kind of represent all of them. But anyway…


Is it weird? Stupid? Awesome?

I’ve decided on the next blanket for myself!

“But,” you say, “you have so many WIP’s already!”

Yes. Yes, I do. I don’t see the point here. Moving on!

I saw an absolutely gorgeous hexagon blanket shared on a Facebook crochet page recently. I had to have one for myself. It was a “starburst” hexagon, with circles of red, blue, green, and yellow from bright shades to dark, each hexagon ending with white so the blanket all tied together.

I immediately showed my husband and said “This is what I’m making next!”

What further made up my mind was when he mentioned “Sure, but I’d like it better if it was black instead of white. I’m messy.”

He likes it too! That just means I basically have to do it now. Black as the connecting color, and definitely shades of red and purple (because that’s his and my favorite colors). I’m not sure how many other colors I need, and what they would be. But I’m not buying the yarn until after our tax return comes in, so I have some time to decide. I’ll check back with you guys when I get an idea 🙂